The Shoemakers Arms

The Shoemakers arms was originally four  cottages built around C . 1800,to serve as workers cottages for the manor house of Aberllech, the large house on the right as you enter Pentre Bach

The cottage which is now the bar area opened as a public house C.1865 and was originally called the Railway Tavern as a new railway line was being built from Defynog up and over Mynydd Epynt to Llangammarch. The company building the railway found it to expensive and abandoned it in C.1867 and the tavern also closed.

The property was occupied by a shoemaker C.1881 called Dafydd Crydd who left in 1886 and the tavern reopened in 1896 and continued to this day. The Tavern gained its present name in C.1974.